Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weclome to Nice Touch Marketing - SendOutCards

I was first attracted to SendOutCards for 2 reasons.

1) I was constantly forgetting to send Birthday cards to my extended family. It didn't matter if I had them in my calendar with a tickler, I would invariably get distracted and forget to go to the store. I've sent e-Cards, but have become leery of opening them due to computer viruses.

I saw SendOutCards as a great way to not only get a tickler, but also to be able to immediately go online and either select a personal card from their catalog, or create a custom one from scratch.

This year we sent our Christmas cards through SendOutCards. I love creating custom cards and this year was no different. But I really look forward to next year. My Christmas list is already entered. I just need to tweak it, create a new card and push send.

2) In my mortgage practice, I am always looking for ways to give that Personal Touch to my clients, prospects and business partners. I've sent emails and e-newsletters only to have them end up in the SPAM folder, or to have people change their emails. I've sent regular mail with little hope that it would actually get opened, let alone read.

I saw in SendOutCards a unique way to reach out and touch my clients, prospects and business partners. I am finding that most people open the cards I send because it doesn't look like SPAM or Junk Mail.

I send Thank You, Nice to Meet You, and Birthday cards. I've even got a few campaigns set up to remind me to stay in contact throughout the year. It's not about impersonal automation, but setting up systems to make it easier to build upon relationships.

While SendOutCards has done this for me, what I didn't expect was the joy of sending an unexpected card and being told how much it impacted the receiver.

I've had clients call to thank me for the card, loved ones tell me how much my card touched them in their crisis and even had my 50th Birthday Roast interrupted during a mountain lake vacation by a surprise Birthday card and gift for my little sister. That was fun...

The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to SendOutCards and how to make it work for you. Whether you are just looking for a convenient way to send an occasional card, a sophisticated system for contacting clients, prospects and business partners or a business opportunity with a great opportunity for income, you will find something here. Hopefully, at some point you will join me in this wonderful journey of touching people's lives with a heartfelt card.

Let me know how I can help.


The Gardner Team said...

I've taken a close look at this program over the past couple years. I've also seen a lot about it on AR. It seems like a really nice program.

I have a Blogger blog too - Check it out!

Larry Morris said...

Thanks Amber, I'm really just starting to realize it's potential. The new card editor is what has taken me over the edge. It's pretty cool.