Sunday, June 21, 2009

HOPE is in the Cards

There is a movement starting in America to spread HOPE in the midst of our current economic crisis. HOPE IS IN THE CARDS is the brainchild of Russ Haan. Russ is a regular guy. He's a small businessman with a family and many of the same problems that we all face today. But he also realized that he was blessed with a loving family, a home and health.

What makes Russ extraordinary is the vision he has to see America get through these times by spreading the message of hope rather than sow seeds of discontent.
In his own words:

"The premise is so simple:

What if every American sent just one letter or card of support to another American. What would happen? What would it do to our collective national spirit if the word HOPE was written on the back of every envelope?

You’d go to your mailbox and it would be filled with something besides bills and collections notices. It would contain HOPE. And better yet, you might even have a personal card or letter from someone saying THANK YOU or I BELIEVE IN YOU.

Those kinds of messages can do more than just make someone’s day brighter for a moment — they can change people’s lives.

So, I’ve decided to give this idea a try. You’re invited to join me. After all, we’ve absolutely nothing to lose, and absolutely everything to gain.

Please, spread the HOPE."

I've decided to join Russ and his movement in spreading the message of hope. SendOutCards has a very similar message. We believe in following the promptings of the heart to reach out and touch people with a heart-felt greeting card. We know the power of a card and the impact that this has on people. We've experienced it and have seen others experience it.

My goal is to send a card a day to encourage those I know or care about. With SendoutCards, this will cost me about $32 per month. Not a bad price to spread some cheer.

So, join Russ and I in spreading the message of hope. Look at what you have to be thankful for and help others to do the same.

If you would like to join us, here are a couple of links:

To learn more about HOPE IS IN THE CARDS and to let Russ know that you are on board and that her heard about it from me. Click here

To learn more about how you can send cards for about $1 per card, email me at


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