Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kirby or SendOutCards???

Our door bell rang a few minutes ago. It was a young man going door to door for Kirby. I quickly informed him that we already have a Kirby, which we do, and he thanked me for my time. As he was walking across the street I started praying for him. You see, I've done my time as a Kirby salesman so I could emphasize with what he was going through.

Before he could get away, I grabbed the new SendOutCards brochures that I had just received and walked out to meet him. I gave him a brochure and a business card with instructions on how to send a free card, and asked him to call me if Kirby didn't work out. He asked what it was about. I briefly told him and showed him a few cards.

I let him know that I used to sell Kirby's in college. 1week in training, 1 week riding along with others, 1 week on my own and then I turned in my machine. I asked him how long he had been with Kirby. His respone. Three days.

He said that he would give me a call. We will see.

The point of this?

Everyone needs a vacum cleaner. But they don't need one that does everything and that costs a pay check. (The reason we have one is that I learned a secret. It's a great shampoo system and you buy the 1990 series for a couple of hundred from the Kirby Repair Shop).

You have to filter through a lot of people to find someone who knows they have the need for a vacum cleaner that does everything, has the money and isn't afraid to let go of it. Also, while Kirby is a great product, the sales force has a bad reputation.

Everyone sends Greeting Cards. Sometimes we look for expensive cards, sometimes cheap ones. Sometimes we have time to brouse the Hallmark cards isle by isle, sometimes we don't.

SendOutCards is an elegant, and cost effective, solution to a real need. Whether you buy from my online store, a retail outlet that you need to drive to, or set up your own store is up to you. You are not locked in by a large committment, unlike the Kirby... Me, I buy most of my cards from my store because of the convenience, cost and creativity.

My hope is that this young man will check out the website, send a couple of free cards and give me a call. If he has the guts to try Kirby, he will be extremely successful at SendOutCards.

How about you? Want to give it a try? Email me at

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